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Outer Tie-rod End Replacement


I think my alignment problem may be due to having a bad tie-rod end on the passenger side.

I know there has been some discussion about replacing the tie-rod ends, but I did not pay much attention. [What were the instructions to change the tie-rod ends? ...] I would like to try to get this done tonight.

Scott E.
1994 Bronco XLT


Scott, I have done probably > 100 tie-rod ends, including both sides on my F150, so I can help you.

First, spray the threads where it attaches to the drag link (the big bar that goes between the tie-rod ends) and loosen the clamps on that connection. You can do this with the tire on if you choose but it is probably easier if you take it off.

Now raise that side by putting your jack or jack stand under the TTB arm. Remove the cotter key on the castled nut on the tie-rod end and remove the nut.

Take a BFH and hit the spindle on the side where the tie-rod end connects. It will probably take about 3-4 good hits and the tie rod end will drop out (this is a taper fit so if you hit it on the side it will fall out).

Now unscrew the tie-rod end from the connector where it joins the drag link. Count the number of turns and put the new one back in the same number of turns. Note: this may be left-handed threads.

Reassemble in reverse order, be sure when you tighten the castled nut you do not back it off to make the cotter key fit - always tighten to the next slot. You are only changing toe-in here so if you wanna set toe-in yourself with a tape measure you can instead of paying an alignment shop to do it.

Hope this brief explanation helps.

   | ~~.   John Strauss
  \, *_}     jstrauss@inetport.com
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