How has the failure mode changed from my old D44?

The Dana 60 is substantially stronger than the Dana 44. The D60 uses much larger u-joints, 35-spline inner axle shafts, and 30-spline stub shafts. For many wheelers, it is nearly bulletproof. However, for those that fully "get it," breakage may still be a concern. The D60 typically isn't as likely to break a SPICER u-joint as its smaller D44 counterpart. Instead, the 30-spline output shaft is usually the first part to go. Unfortunately, the shaft often balloons the spindle and hub when it breaks. For this reason, many wheelers opt for aftermarket 35-spline stub shafts rather than deal with a potentially messy trail repair.

Similarly, the Ford D60 knuckles aren't as strong as those used on Chevy axles. Some wheelers opt against using hydraulic ram assist systems on Ford knuckles, or swap for Chevy parts.

What are some numbers I can work with?

These numbers are provided for reference and planning purposes only. Please don't fab up your new suspension based on them.


Width at Wheel
Mounting Surfaces

Overall Shaft
Width (Spicer)

Spring Pad









So, I have deep pockets and no fab skills. Where can I buy some of this stuff?

Fabritech Kits

Jeff's Bronco Graveyard sells the Fabritech lift kits. The kits provide radius arms, brackets, track bar, and coil perches to install a solid axle under a TTB Bronco. While the cost is high, they may be a suitable option for those with no fabrication capability. It should be warned, however, that the design of the kit isn't suited for much articulation or off-road capability.

One buyer, after replacing the tie rods with a custom moly set, installing wristed 66-79 style radius arms, and replacing the poorly-designed track bar mount, realized that there was very little of the original kit left on the truck. Even still, it seems to be a well-built kit, and certainly a suitable option for show trucks and the like.

Heavy-Duty Tie Rod Systems

Performance Unlimited

Custom Springs

Alcan Spring
National Spring


Bilstein Shocks
Doetsch Tech
King Shocks

Shackle Reversal Kits

Off-Road Unlimited Sells a Prefabricated Front Leaf Spring Bracket for 80-91 Trucks. Look for their "F-350 Shackle Reversal Kit". It's not cheap, but may be an option for some.

Radius Arms

BC Broncos Sells Coby Hughey's Radius Arms

C-bushing Tabs

BC Broncos
Jeff's Bronco Graveyard

Alloy Axle Shafts

Superior Axle

Heavy Duty U-Joints

CTM Racing
BC Broncos also sells the CTM joints.

Hydraulic Ram Assist Systems

AGR Performance Steering Systems
West Texas Off-Road

I'm still confused. Where can I see some photos?

Brian Soderblom installed a 78-79 D44 coil spring axle under his 89 Bronco.
Read the excellent write-up in Brian's Tech Section.

The guys at WT 4-Wheeling also installed a 78-79 D44 coil spring axle under a TTB Bronco.
Check out their write-up in the WT 4-Wheeling Tech Section.

Jim Oxley wrote an article for installing a 78-79 D60 coil spring axle under a 79 Bronco. Much of the information applies to a 80-96 Bronco swap as well. Look for OX's write-up in the Technical Articles section of

Mike Masse also installed a 78-79 D60 with coil springs under his 78 Bronco. Read Mike's article on his website.