2-Big Broncos 4x4 Technical White Papers

Members and associates of the 2 Big Broncos 4x club have written the materials contained on these pages. Authors offer no guaranties on the usefulness or accuracy of the writings. Authors and the 2 Big Broncos 4x Club are not responsible for any information or actions taken by you for using this information.

Take this information for "face value" and use with your own discretion and wisdom.

Engine Modifications & Performance Upgrades

Conversion from Carburator and C6 to EFI/OBDII 351W and EO4D Automatic

Suspension, Brakes, Tires, Wheels, Lift kits

Rear Spring Shackle Inversion
Replacement of body bushings and insert 1" body spacers
Superlift 6" lift installation
Bronco Brake System Upgrade
Outer Tie-rod End Replacement
Tire Pressures for 4-Wheeling

Driveline, Gears & Lockers

Dana 60 Swap In FAQNew Item!
Dana 60 On-line Manual
Ford transmission ratios autos and sticks
Ford 9in rebuild & gear setup
4-Wheelers Guide to Axle Swapping and Building
Dana 60 Conversion for F-250 years 1986-1996
Auto-hub conversion
Removal of third-member in front Dana-44
Speedometer Gear Corrections
Installation of a Powertrax No-Slip in a Ford 8.8" Diff
Keith's "how-to" Identify your Bronco's gear ratios from manufacture

Recovery Hooks, Winchs, Tow straps, Rocker Panels, etc

Andy's Rocker Panel Guards

Electrical Systems

Alternator 101 - Understanding the Alternator by Professor Kevin R. Sullivan
Alternator Stator Windings Descriptions by Holger Christiansen
Electrical Wiring Schematics by Chris B. from Coquitlam, B.C.

Troubleshooting Links

AutoInc. Search engine...
Fuel Injection Service, Not Just Cleaning
The Fading Bronco Brake Pedal
E40D late 12 shift and harsh shifts across the board
E40D Stall on Acceleration from Stop Stems from Fault in PSOM
Tackling Rich 02 Sensor Readings
EEC-IV test procedures

Safe Driving off-road, Tread Lightly guidelines

tread lightly! - Leaving a good impression


Late Model Bronco History, Facts, and Factory Options
York Compressor Shop Manual(1.4Mb)New Item!
Replacement Bronco Fuel Tanks
Herculiner - Bed Liner Kit Installation
Drivetrain "Vent-Line" Extensions