Tuesday, September 14, 1999

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You are beautiful beyond description,
Too marvelous for words;
Too wonderful for comprehension;
Like nothing ever seen or heard.

the Mud Hole, Rubicon Springs, Cadillac Hill, the "V" Rock, Observation Point

Our camping site and conditions in Rubicon Springs ....

Morning Camp

We all agreed to a casual morning for time to look around, making a "real" breakfast with fried beacon, eggs, and coffee as well. Another reason - play in the little mud hole just outside of our camp!

the Little Mud Hole

Kurt takes WildHorses into the mud hole in the morning to find the depth, bad lines, and just have F-U-N! After Kurt found the deepest holes, went across and back again, pulled out to the side for Berne to have at it. Berne and others piled into his Bronco and dived in. Into the deep, out again, across the hole and out, back into the mud moving faster then before - about half way got crossed up and blew the passenger front tire bead off the rim (again).

Berne makes fun of the mud hole then gets stuck

Kurt goes back into the mud, this time in reverse, with Jim to toss the tow strap to Berne. A short pull moved Berne's Bronco up out of the mud and water hole to "dry" land to replace the tire. That was our extent of the playing for the morning, so back to camp for final pictures and get moving up Cadallic Hill.

Kurt with the mud hole on WildHorses Rade with the mud line from last evening Jamie with his lifted Bronco showing off the mud line

Eric with his Toyota 4Runner Joe Coppick having the deepest mud hole line yet Hip and his Jeep

Kurt again .... Toyota Joe and his modified pickup Keith and Tonya with their Bronco and the mud line

Rubicon Springs

There is plenty of stuff for the Rubicon wheelers in Rubicon Springs. A graveyard for parts, a service "shop" floor, at times - lights, and a cabin with firewood for the camp master. Cost for camping by vehicle was $10 a night. We got lucky and found the camp master out for the day. Shortly beyond the main camping area is a deep water crossing and a small group camping area.

The cabin at Rubicon Springs Off the trail is a nice area for camping and has a deep water crossing

Cadillac Hill

Here we are - the last day on the Rubicon and we have the final challenge - Cadillac Hill climb. The group hasn't broken down yet... could this be possible? The entire Rubicon trail without any broken components within our entire group? Hardly! Midway up Cadillac Hill, Joe ("Toyota Joe") breaks his inner steering tie-rod. Lucky day - Joe just happen to have packed this piece just before leaving for the Rubicon... "Hey! I just might need this." he said before jumping in his tow rig. Very lucky ... our group did break down, but could have been much worst if that spare part happen to have stayed home!

Leaving Rubicon Springs campground towards the water crossing The Cadillac Hill climb is long and can be difficult Crossing the optional water obstacle - stay to passenger side!

The Rubicon always presents a challenge to the driver and rig. Jamie debating which line with Erik.

Joe repairing our only breakage... ...as the group watches the entertainment... ...and continues to assist were needed.

the "V" Rock

Kurt in the V-rock obstacle
Kurt in the V-rock obstacle.
Berne in the V-rock obstacle
Berne in the V-rock obstacle.
Jamie in the V-rock obstacle
Jamie in the V-rock obstacle
Rade in the V-rock obstacle
Rade in the V-rock obstacle
Keith in the V-rock obstacle
Keith in the V-rock obstacle

Observation Point

The natural beauty is awsome on Rubicon. The last leg of Rubicon. The last leg of Rubicon.

Lake Tahoe, CA

We certain had the best time of our lifes here on the Rubicon. Looking forward to our return!

Out at last.. Incredible. Lake Tahoe.

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Sunday - Grante Slab, Ellis Creek, Walker's Rock, Spider Lake
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