Saturday, September 11, 1999

Rubicon truck banner

You are beautiful beyond description,
Too marvelous for words;
Too wonderful for comprehension;
Like nothing ever seen or heard.

Rest & Relaxation Day (the plan was...)

The plan for Saturday was to kick around the campground, rest and relax, and go into the woods for a "simple" trail ride. Have a great "last meal" in camp with everyone talking-up the Rubicon. Oooopps. What happen was totally different.

Our day started around lunch. Few of us snacked in camp before leaving, others just packed some food for the trail, and a few others didn't pack or plan for what was to happen. By 1:00pm we were on the trail to Wentworth Springs only found by a superb GPS / Mapping software package operated by Jim Hunter. With this navigation setup, we were confident of our position, on the correct trail, heading to the destination of Wentworth Springs. On the trail to Wentworth Springs off Ice House Rd, we came upon what appeared to be the end of our trail! Jim looked over the mapping software and scratched his head... "This is the correct trail and it appears to cross the water up here." he said. We got out to look around.

The creek crossing (name of the creek Jim...) looked easy for Wild Horses and others, but this was more then our camp buddies were expecting on Saturday. A stock '79 Bronco driven by Dan Wilson was not expecting to put his Bronco into 4wheel drive - let alone - 4low. After an hour of so, we all made it across and continued on our way to Wentworth Springs.

Rade S. crossing first with stock Bronco Joe C. having troubles with carburetor and approach to crossing Keith L. helps with the winch line

Keith L. makes the creek crossing look easy Hip picking up a ride across the creek

Wentworth Springs

By 3:00pm on Saturday we made Wentworth Springs. Pictures were taken while in a line-up around the old cabins that remained standing. A couple snacks were eaten. By 3:15 people were talking of "doing the loop" back to Loon Lake via the granite slab. No one had been on this trail section before - no one had any idea what was about to happen to our Saturday afternoon leisurely trail ride! The next 7 hours were to be truly "Rubicon" trail for everyone!

Kurt H standing in the doorway of the Wentworth Spring cabins

Post Pile Section

Moments beyond the Wentworth Spring campground and down the trail a hugh granite bolder loomed from the ground directly in our path. The trucks that followed me (Kurt) where in for a fun ride! Dan Wilson continued with us, almost expected to say "No way!" and turn around - but didn't!

A view back over my tail gate to Keith climbing the granite bolder Eric begins into Post Pile - there is a by-pass to this Kurt leads with guidence by Joe Chacon into Post Pile

Kurt continues up to wait for the others at 'three steps' section Eric carefully negotiating the rocks in Post Pile Jamie wants all Rubicon can give!  Takes his '94 Bronco into Post Pile

Jamie continues negotiating the rocks Berne takes on everything Rubicon presents us! Hip is just beginning to have fun now!

Upper Section of Post Pile - Three Steps

Kurt makes it up, over the first step - with a little trouble Hip talking how much better a Jeep is for the tight sections 8-) Hip making the second step look easy. Yeah Baby!!

Rubicon Granite Slab

After getting all 10 vehicles through Post Pile and the by-pass, we came upon the Rubicon granite slab with a million ways to traverse this area. The sun was now setting - nearly 7:30pm and we could "see" our exit point, nearly one mile as the crow flies. Just how does one get there - in the DARK! With darkness nearly upon us, Eric, Joe Coppick, Toyota Joe, and Hip take off looking for the best route. The rest of us following their path as best as possible.

The Rubicon granite slab and so many routes around it Rubicon Trail Sign 1984 - photo by Berne S

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Sunday - Grante Slab, Ellis Creek, Walker's Rock, Little Sluice Box & Spider Lake area
Monday - Little Sluice Box, the "go around" Slab, Buck Island Dam & Lake, Big Sluice Box
Tuesday - Bridge over Rubicon River, Mud Hole, Rubicon Springs, Cadillac Hill, the "V" Rock
Miscellaneous - Lake Tahoe, Packing up

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