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Vehicle Damage Report

Less then expected damage was realized on the Rubicon trail when driving conservatively. That is we took a by-pass around the Little Sluice Box; Drove with ample time between camp sites providing lots of spotting. In damage, here is a simple list of items ...

  1. Blown sidewalls on the BFG Mud Terrains
  2. Rocker panels getting hit hard
  3. Berne's front tire lost it's bead couple times
  4. Rade's rear drive shaft and slip yoke took a bad hit ripping away the boot cover
  5. Kurt's extended radius arm (driver's side) was slightly bent in Big Sluice
  6. Toyota Joe's steering linkage knuckle broke off up Cadillac hill

Less ....

Introduction to Rubicon - Planning, Fuel Stops, Loon Lake Campground
Saturday - Wentworth Springs, Post Pile & Granite Slab
Sunday - Grante Slab, Ellis Creek, Walker's Rock, Spider Lake
Monday - Little Sluice Box, the "go around" Slab, Buck Island Dam & Lake, Big Sluice Box
Tuesday - the Mud Hole, Rubicon Springs, Cadillac Hill, the "V" Rock