Past Trail Rides of 2-Big Broncos 4x4 Club

Rubicon Trail - Loon Lake to Lake Tahoe, CA
September 11-14, 1999

You are beautiful beyond description,
Too marvelous for words;
Too wonderful for comprehension;
Like nothing ever seen or heard.


Many weeks of planning and trail research proved to pay off for us on the Rubicon this September 1999. The trail was in good condition - dry and our weather was great. No serious breakage, no bugs to speak of, no one injuried - overall a great trail ride.


  1. Kurt Hartsig - '86 Bronco, WA
  2. Rade Spasojevic - '90 Bronco, WA
  3. Joe Coppick - '75 Bronco, WA
  4. Sr. Joe Coppick, CA (Video & Passenger)
  5. Joe "hip" Thompson - '82 Jeep CJ-7, WA
  6. Mike Potoczny, CA (Passenger)
  7. Stacy Worel, CA (Driver on Saturday Trails & Passenger)
  8. Joe "Toy Joe" Chacon - '91 Customized Toyota P/U, WA
  9. Eric Johnson - '87 Toyota 4Runner, WA (Video)
  10. Berne Strom - '79 Bronco, OR
  11. Amber, OR (Pictures & Passenger)
  12. Melon, OR (Passenger)
  13. Jamie Weingarten - '94 Bronco, OR
  14. Liam & Onyx (Passenger & Dog)
  15. Dan Wilson - '79 Bronco, CA (Saturday trails & Loon Lake)
  16. Keith Lawyer - '90 Bronco, CO
  17. Tanya, CO (Pictures & Passenger)
  18. Michael Moran, KS (Video & Passenger)
  19. Jim Hunter, IL (Pictures & Passenger)

DNS List

  1. Dan Smith - '90 Toyota 4Runner, WA (Mechanical problems)
  2. David Bonar - '85 Bronco, CA (Engine problems)
  3. Chris Barton - '89 Bronco, CA (Engine problems)
  4. Chris Parrett - '87 Bronco, CO (Brake problems)

Miscellaneous Planning Items

Camping Sites

Camping sites were planned far in advanced to provide room for eighteen trucks - ten showed up. Before running the Rubicon, Loon Lake offers a large group "chalet" for rent. Check it out first. Loon lake provided us a group site (#2) and individual sites for everyone planning to show-up. A very good selection of individual sites include #2, #6, #9.

Fuel Stops

On highway 50 approximately 10 miles west of Ice House Rd is Pollock Pines. This is where we filled our tanks and had Joe Chacon run for another 50+ gallons in 5 gal cans for the trail start. Thanks Joe!

rubicon99_004tn.jpg - 7916 Bytes rubicon99_005tn.jpg - 8675 Bytes

Ice House Rd to Loon Lake, Rubicon Trail Head

The road from Hwy 50 is Ice House Rd (elev 5420ft). Nicely paved and winds up into the mountains to trail head to Wentworth Springs and Loon Lake campground. Both Wentworth Springs and Loon Lake offer an entrance to the Rubicon Trail.

rubicon99_006tn.jpg - 6411 Bytes

Loon Lake Campground

Camping sites were good for preparing the trucks to run Rubicon. We had great weather and enjoyed the two nights at Loon Lake.

rubicon99_010tn.jpg - 8986 Bytes rubicon99_011tn.jpg - 9812 Bytes rubicon99_013tn.jpg - 10616 Bytes

More ....

Saturday - Wentworth Springs, Post Pile & Granite Slab (19 images)
Sunday - Granite Slab, Ellis Creek, Walker's Rock, Little Sluice Box & Spider Lake Camp site (50+ images)
Monday - Little Sluice Box, the "go around" Slab, Buck Island Dam & Lake, Big Sluice Box (50+ images)
Tuesday - the Mud Hole, Rubicon Springs, Cadillac Hill, the "V" Rock, Observation Point
Miscellaneous - Lake Tahoe, Packing up