2-Big Broncos Membership Information

The Early Days

We started 2BigBroncos in mid-summer of 1998 in Seattle, Washington having a focused on the Northwest back country including Washington and Oregon. Kurt, with his almost stock 1986 Ford Bronco XLT and Joe driving his entirely stock Ford Eddie Bauer Bronco began driving off-road trails around Mt. Rainier. Over time and many modifications to our "stock" Ford Broncos we still participate in many club activities and events across the Country.

Today 2 Big Broncos 4x4 Club has regional chapters across the United States and into Canada.

Joe Coppick, 1987 Ford Eddie Bauer Bronco
Kurt Hartsig, 1986 Ford XLT Bronco


We are primarily an outdoor family recreational club with special interest in four-wheel drive activities. There are currently no dues, no formal meetings, no hazing, and no secrets. Anyone can become a member. We have some members with highly modified rigs that can handle even the toughest terrain and others with completely stock late model broncos. You don't even need to have a 4x4 to participate, as there are often members willing to take passengers.

Our basic off-road, outdoor responsibility and conduct is based from the well known and respected guidelines published by Tread-Lightly organization.

The link to treadightly! web pages is provided here and tips on 4-wheeling guide-lines:


How To Be A Member

To become an official 2-Big Broncos club member (by calendar year), you need to identify a regional chapter to participate with then simply:
  1. Drive your 4x4 truck on a club trail ride or event.
  2. Complete the club trail ride or event.
  3. Write a simple trail or event report to assist with our web page trail reports.

Where & Contact Information

We have events and family outings at least once per month and are always seeking trail leaders with experience in the rugged backcountry.

Regional Chapter Locations and Growing...
Chapter Title Regional Coverage eMail Address
July 1998   Northwest Chapter WA, OR, ID
April 2000   Greatlakes Chapter MN, WI, IL, OH, MI
May 2000   Rocky Mountain Chapter WY, UT, CO
August 2000   Southern Chapter TX, LA, OK
September 2000   Dixie Chapter KY, TN, NC, SC, AL, GA, FL
January 2001   Southwest Chapter AZ, NM
May 2003 January 2004 Delta Chapter LA, AR, MS
April 2001 October 2001 Sierra-Nevada Chapter CA, NV  

Benefits Of Membership

We hope to attract fun loving family types that have an interest to see more outdoors and experience camping in the backcountry. Drop us a note. Using the e-Mail address to the club, let us know what you think; how you would like to participate; what changes 2 Big Broncos 4x4 Club can make for benefiting you.