2 Big Broncos Humor of 4x4ing

You just can't be too serious when stepping off the main highway!
Here are words of wisdom and humor found only by 4x4 owners. Enjoy the moment... it can only bring smiles and thoughts of when you've been there - done that too!

Erik's Three Steps to Choosing a Wife

Guys ... for those that are not married. When out looking for the special woman in your life, ask at least this one question of your prospect.

Setup prior to arriving at her place

Place the following on your passenger side seat of the Bronco
  1. Crescent wrench
  2. 3/8 drive ratchet
  3. Box end wrench

Pop the question

Now you're ready. When you open the bronco door for her (guys, always open the door for her, not sexist, it's just the right thing to do) say,

"ohh ya, umm would you please hand me the flare nut wrench?"

Analysis her response

If she replies with
  1. A dirty look, -- find a new prospect
  2. Hands you the ratchet, -- she's at least trying, and this is good
  3. Replies, sorry I don't see a Line wrench, ya want the adjustable instead?, -- This my Bronco friends is a keeper!

Why this dissertation on "Erik's Three Steps to Choosing a Wife" you may ask??? Cuz my friends, the new tool box in my shop was Kayes idea, and the one she picked for me, is better than the one I would have picked for myself......

Erik Marquez - bronco78@mosquitonet.com