2 Big Broncos Humor of 4x4ing

You just can't be too serious when stepping off the main highway!
Here are words of wisdom and humor found only by 4x4 owners. Enjoy the moment... it can only bring smiles and thoughts of when you've been there - done that too!

The Lonely Four-Wheelers Prayer

By Katrina & Les Tremblett, Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Now I lay me down to sleep,
All four tires are buried axle deep.
In the mud I went to play,
I got stuck so here I stay.
All alone I sit in my truck,
Someone help me please, I'm really stuck.
I was always told never go out alone,
Now I'm here in the middle of nowhere without a phone.
My calls for help go on un-noticed,
Only if I could have kept focused.
My only communication is my CB,
I hope that someone will soon come and rescue me.
I finally decided to go out in the mud,
And my footing slips and I fall with a THUD!
To the front of my truck I slip and I slide,
So far the only thing hurt is my pride.
My winch cable runs out as easy as can be,
I only hope that it will reach the tree.
Back in my truck, I flip the switch,
I pray, dear God, it does the trick.
Just when I thought I'd go insane,
Out of the mud I finally came.
I was on my way, finally heading home,
And I told myself, never again will I go out alone !!!!!

The lonely Fourwheeler

Provided to 2-BigBroncos Humor Page by: Katrina & Les Tremblett -- littlelady74@home.com