2 Big Broncos Humor of 4x4ing

You just can't be too serious when stepping off the main highway!
Here are words of wisdom and humor found only by 4x4 owners. Enjoy the moment... it can only bring smiles and thoughts of when you've been there - done that too!

Inside of my four-bi

By Katrina & Les Tremblett, Keswick, Ontario, Canada

(To be sung to the tune of "On top of Spaghetti")

Inside of my Four-bi,
All covered with mud,
I lost all my momentum,
When I hit with a THUD!
I drove down the trail,
And into the bush,
And now my poor Four-Bi,
Could sure use a push.
All my buddies are laughing,
And all I can do is blush.
My wife is still shouting,
And I wish she would shush.
I run out the winch cable,
And put the strap on the tree.
As I turn on switch,
Hopefully I'll come free.
Now my buddies are laughing,
As I begin to cheer,
My truck came out from the hole,
I have nothing to fear.
And now it is their turn,
To try to get through.
And I just stood there,
And begin to laugh.

Inside my Four-bi

Provided to 2-BigBroncos Humor Page by: Katrina & Les Tremblett -- littlelady74@home.com